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This is the area where all the remain documents and programs that I have worked on have been published, they consist of programming, essays and group projects which cover lots of different areas of study.

C Programming Exercises

This program was designed for passing and data sorting with output displayed to a console with exportation to XML console.

C Programming Exercises Zipped Source Files

Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management (TQM) Strategies and Standards in Software Development Techniques.

This paper compares these two techniques that involved from the high level of interest taken into quality management strategies. Similarities and differences between the models are identified, as an attempt to use quality management ideas in characterizing software development.

HTML Visual Impairment Report

Internet Technologies

In this project we were formed into groups of four to product a professional and highly adaptive website for a small airline company so that there customers may be able to book their own flight and choose within the seats they would like to occupy during the flight given the current availability. The programming for this section involved Java applets, HTML, XML with links to databases to actively update the website.

Internet Technologies - Group Report Internet Technologies - Individual Report

Business Project

In professional project and practice module at university we were given a development idea to design a product as part of establishing an entrepreneur company, within this group of eight I was assigned the position of Vice Chairman, which came with the responsibility for creating the name, company logo as well as writing up the specifications and putting together the research and ideas of the other colleges into a portfolio which would then be used in a presentation to sell the idea for our product.

As the pressure begun to build towards the end of the project timescale issues arose in different people within the group. I encountered challenges such as various colleges aims started to overlap and in others work was not being complete. To maintain group cohesiveness and direction meetings were held once a week, with the minutes being posted on the email system. Within meetings it fell to me as coordinator to negotiate and tackle problems and find satisfactory solutions without leaving them to the last minute to sort out by finding group members strengths and talents such as the good speakers and assigning those with. This resulted in us achieving a first in the module.

Business Project - Matchware - Group Report Business Project - Matchware - Group report Appendix Business Project - Matchware - Individual Report Business Project - Matchware - Presentation

Power Supply Distribution to Train Carriage

This was a highly interesting project where we formed a group of three people and was given the task of creating a circuit and presentation of a power supply system for a carriage.

As part of this task we were given a tour round the train depot to provide us with a deeper understanding of the way in which trains are powered.

Power Supply Distribution System to Train Carriage - Individual Report Power Supply Distribution System to Train Carriage - Source Files