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In this section are links to all the programs that I wrote using the high level programming language of Java and a program using JavaCC. The first selection comprises of code which I wrote and compiled within the first year of study at university and the last remaining program being created in the second year.


How to install JDK runtime and run java programs in the command line.

Step 0: Test if java is installed

Alternatively, open a command prompt window (press Win⊞ + R, type cmd, and hit Enter) and enter the command: java -version. This will output the version of Java installed on your computer. If the command is not recognized then you will need to install tg Java SDK

Step 1: Install Java SDK

Step 2: Find path to your Java installation folder which can be found through

Environment variables for java installation

File Explorer or Command Prompt. This will usually be C:\Program Files\Java\

Step 3 Right Click on MyComputer and click on properties .

Step 4: Click on Advanced tab

Step 5: Click on Environment Variables

Step 6: Create a new class path for JAVA_HOME

Step 7: Enter the Variable name as JAVA_HOME and the value to your jdk bin path ie c:\Programfiles\Java\jdk-1.6\bin and

NOTE Make sure u start with .; in the Value so that it doesn't corrupt the other environment variables which is already set.

Step 8 : Follow the Above step and edit the Path in System Variables add the following ;c:\Programfiles\Java\jdk-1.6\bin in the value column.

Step 9 :Your are done setting up your environment variables for your Java , In order to test it go to command prompt and type


who will get a list of help doc

In order make sure whether compiler is setup Type in cmd


who will get a list related to javac

To run a program type

go to the directory where the program is installed:


Then type in:


How to compile & run a Java application


Cookie Recipe Ingrediants Calculator

This program calculates the amount of ingredients required to make a define number of cookies.

Investment Program

This program was created as simple way to calculate interest on a given amount of money. To test my skill and development of variable names, use of operators and expressions.

Mileage Program

This program displays the efficiency of the vehicle in kilometres of the vehicle in kilometres per gallon to an accuracy of 2.d.p. The distance travelled per litre of petrol to the nearest meter and the cost of driving 100 kilometres using the computers current locale to display the correct currency.

Screenshot of the calulation results for the car program

Magic Number Program

The aim of this program is for the user to guess the number between 1 and 10 that the computer has randomly generted. The computer generates the number, then allows the user to guess three times. After each turn the computer informs the user if the guess is too high or too low. The user wins if they guess the correct number. At the end of the game the program will ask if the user would like to replay the game.

Cartesian Transformation Program

This program is able to calculate new sets of coordinates on a Cartesian grid when some type of transformations is used upon them. It also reinforces understanding in the implementation of classes, methods, object and instance variables.

Pontoon Program

This program runs a version of pontoon or black jack using the command-line function in Java. The aim of the game is to gain a higher sum then the bank but without being higher then the value of 21. The bank deals a hand of two cards, the player then inspects these cards and then chooses whether to stick or twist in which case the player receives another card. This continues until the player decides to stick achieves a five card trick or goes bust. The bank then deals itself a card until it has a value greater than or equal to that of the players or goes bust in which case the player wins.

SVGDraw Program

This program imitates a selection of different images using JavaCC and SVGDraw.



Example Output


Example Output
Circle and Square Rectangle and Ellipse Polygon and Triangle Circle and Square Rectangle and Ellipse Polygon and Triangle


Example Output
Circle and Square Rectangle and Ellipse Polygon and Triangle Circle and Square Rectangle and Ellipse Polygon and Triangle


Example Output
Circle and Square Polygon and Triangle Repeat Circle and Square Polygon and Triangle Repeat


Example Output
Juggle Juggle


Example Output
Juggle in Colour Juggle in Colour

Correlation Calculation Program

This program takes a dataset and calculates the Variance of X and Y, Covariance and Correlation.

Collapsing Puzzle Game

A game of levels where the player aims to clear all the blocks in the grid, or runs out new lines that need to be injected into the grid.